Setup videos and Pricing


NanoStation (1-10km range) - Self Installation Kit $180.00 incl. 10m cable.

Setup instructions - Nano Station


Air Grid kit (10 -35km range) - Self Installation Kit $190.00 incl. 10m cable. Video installation example

Setup instructions - Air Grid


EnGenius - Wireless Router/Switcher from as little as $60.00

Setup instructions - Router/Switcher
Technician Installation costs may apply and are dependant on your region and installer. Freight costs are between $15.00 - $30.00. All equipment come with a full guarantee.

The pricing above covers the cost for the supply of the Rural Wireless kits only. You may also require mounting brackets and additional cabling. We can provide a qualified installer or you can choose an installer of your choice. Please contact us to discuss further.

No 12 month lock-you-contract required.